Bespoke Projects

Do you need images to promote your band, restaurant or small business? Are you after some personalized items to decorate your school or place of work. Then this is the area your after.

Please email me using the information on My Contact Page and have a look at some of my most recent bespoke projects in My Portfolio including a canvas shoot for the New Performing Arts Center at Winterfold House School.

This is a particularly unique area of photography so I’ll talk a little about how these projects develop and my work ethic.

I work very closely with potential clients as we discuss ideas for the images. It’s important I get an understanding of what a client is after so we can bounce ideas around and plan the shots we want. I tend to make a list of simple shots and adventurous shots. That way we have a clear idea of what we want to capture and really make the most of the time.
I like to cover the basics first. If I’m shooting live subjects they can gain some confidence early on and see what we’ve caught and then go for the more adventurous shots as time allows. Locations closing/ light fading etc are often against us on shoots and so I like to be organized to get the best possible shots.

After that I take the images away and edit them. Often sending draft images to see if its what you imagined and get some feedback before completing a final disc for you to use. I do get professional discounts on prints and canvases and so that too is an optional extra.

Prices are based on the total time shooting, traveling and editing. Once we’ve worked out a few lose ideas and estimated the time, travel and shot yield from the project I can give you a quote.

Please don’t hesitate to drop me an email to discuss your bespoke project. I’m often intrigued by original ideas and always looking to expand my own portfolio.